Hard Set Rules (Strictly Enforced)

  • No Spam of any kind
    • No repeated chat messages or variations of the same message
    • No advertising of any kind
    • No spamming log-ins and log-outs
    • No DOS-Attacks
    • Etc.
  • Family-friendly chat only (Includes: Discord, signs, etc.)
    • No cursing
    • No bypassing filters
    • No unfriendly behavior
    • English only in chat
    • Etc.
  • Nothing harmful to the server
    • No server hacks
    • No server attacks
    • Etc.
  • No hack flying (others have paid for flying; it's not fair)

Lesser Rules (Avoid These)

  • No Exploits
    • You'll be asked to explain the exploit so it can be fixed. (Refusal results in a permanent ban)
    • Illegal items will be deleted
    • Money may be adjusted
    • No ban will be given, unless it breaks a Hard Set Rule or subsection A
  • Hack Clients
    • No PvP hacks
    • No flying hacks
  • PVE Server:
    • No Player Traps
  • PVP Server:
    • PVP servers are "play at your own risk."
    • Player traps are OK, but frowned upon
    • TPA Kills are OK, but frowned upon
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